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Power for the long haul.

Why Oxbox?

Oxbox is the first energy storage system based on advanced lead-acid batteries to be UL-listed for safety, offering you round-the-clock peace of mind while delivering many times the power of lithium-based units. Whatever happens. Whenever it happens. Oxbox has the power to pull you through.

Life, uninterrupted.

Capacity to run your entire household for 2+ days when the grid is out

Power up your home when the sun goes down

Robust, reliable storage for self-power

Take charge of energy costs by managing grid power use during peak demand

More powerful than lithium.

A single Oxbox delivers 3-4x the amount of power that a single lithium-based unit can. And because of its whopping capacity, Oxbox discharges very little of its total power during a single load cycle. Simply put, our advanced lead-acid batteries are designed for both daily cycling and extended runtime, making Oxbox the optimal choice for solar and home backup applications.

Oxbox is so robust, it can power your whole house far longer than a lithium unit before fully discharging.

Tough. Tested. Trusted.

Oxbox is safe and reliable. It’s the first lead-acid energy storage system to be UL-listed for safety to UL 1973 and UL 9540. Whereas lithium can be unstable and prone to fires and explosions, lead-acid batteries have been proven and perfected over 100 years. Simpler, stronger and safer, they keep getting the job done.

The power to save you money.

Oxbox provides energy that costs less per kw/hr than many other options, making it a smart investment in your home’s value, safety and independence. You’ll save even more by running your household with Oxbox during on-peak times. Plus, because it can store a massive amount of energy, you may be able to sell what you don’t need back to your utility.

More flexibility means more freedom.

Oxbox gives you truly flexible options on where your unit is placed, what systems you’re able to connect it to and how it’s used to store and provide you with power. While other systems limit your choices to just what their proprietary components can do, Oxbox can be used with any brand of solar or wind power equipment, making you energy independent in every way.

Install Oxbox almost anywhere

Connect Oxbox to almost anything

Better for your home.
Better for your home planet.

99% of lead-acid batteries are safely recycled (<15% for lithium), making them the most sustainable battery technology. In fact, their lead is infinitely recyclable.

Made by BAE Batteries USA

Oxbox is made and assembled by BAE Batteries USA using the highest quality batteries manufactured by BAE Batterien GmbH, long known in the industrial sector for quality and reliability. Now, with Oxbox, homeowners can enjoy the same robust, reliable battery technology used worldwide in data centers, telecom sites and electrical utilities.


Harness the power of Oxbox.

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